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Altair (ESP) 3.3.5

Price: $8

License: Forever

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W3D (Maphack)

Price: $10

License: Forever

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Latest News

DiabloSoft goes offline

At the end of 2024 this website is going down. Please download all the programs that you purchased and make a backup, upload them somewhere (mediafire,mega,cd,usb). You have time to re-download your files till the end of this year. I will send you standalone license files that allow you to continue using the programs that you purchased even after my service is closed. When my service is closed, all the files will be deleted and you cannot download them or re-purchase the software again. My discord is gonna be deleted as well, so i won't be able to answer any messages. Also none of the programs will be available from purchase, the source codes will be deleted, and some of them will be sold to new owners.

Posted 20 days ago by Diablo

WPE PRO's source code is for sale

So, here is what i encountered for 1 year while i was selling wpe pro. All people who want this program, are people who watched youtube tutorials from 2009, outdated tutorials. People blindly trust those tutorials without having any knowledge what is happening. Over 90% of the people who bought my program don't even know the computer datatypes. Which is the most basic thing that you should know when you work with raw bytes AKA the packets. I implemented usage monitoring to my programs and i was able to see when a person runs the program, for how much time he runs it ... ect. And i noticed that people come, buy, and they use the program for maximum of 7 days, and then they abandon it. They don't complain or ask for their money back. Those people come to me and expect to give them a program that will instantly give them the desired results. They think that without some basic knowledge of reversing, and the knowledge of the computer datatypes they can just hack the game easily. Some even offered up to 500 euro just to hack a specific game for them, because they buy, but they have no knowledge to continue from then on. I offer no support, and no help. I just provide a tool that is capable of hacking a specific game, i will not do the hacking for the user. If you have the knowledge to use this tool, you will not need any help. Just like i don't need help when parsing the packets. I realised that i'm just selling false hope to people... and the people who actually understand my program are very few. This was my one and only program that was in the first results of google. But at the same time it's a program that brings dirty money. I'm full of regret for making this program. The development was complex and long. Now i'm selling the source code directly, whoever has it, can distribute, modify and re-sell copies of this program as much as he wants. I just want to wash my hands from this piece of crap. Remember, this WPE PRO is completely undetected because it works as man in the middle. It doesn't inject any DLL, it doesn't touch the process in any way. That's why even in WoW retail i was able to use it. This is the only advantage that my program has, over a normal TCP packet manipulator. I hope someone with knowledge values my work and purchases the source code.

Posted 49 days ago by Diablo

WoW - The Ruins Of Monster WoW is released

You are now able to download the game from the games section, you don't need to register to download. I hope you enjoy the game. In this game i put a piece of my soul, so it's not just work that i put into it.

Posted 53 days ago by Diablo

New program - Entity List Finder

New program has been added to the products page. However, it is not available for purchase yet. The program will be tested by multiple people before it goes public and available for purchase. This program is for hackers only.

Posted 77 days ago by Diablo

The maphack scripting API is unstable!!

Please read this before purchasing the black edition maphack! Users have reported that the scripting API doesn't work sometimes. We disabled the scripting API. You are only able to use morph's adaptive strike + ethernal blade, but nothing more than this. Unfortunately there is not enough funding... the maphack's development cannot continue at this point. The maphack will only receive security updates, no features will be added / improved. And the scripting API will not be fixed until someone wishes to sponsor the development. There is a lot of work to be done.

Posted 83 days ago by Diablo