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Purchase related questions

Can i get software for free?

Yes. You must bring to us 2 people who are willing to buy the program that you want. After that you must tell me their correct usernames of this website. After that you get the software.

I see Download link - Pending

You must add me on Discord diablo___13 Then i will send you license key generator software. After you generate the license key your download link will be updated.

I changed my PC and the software doesn't work anymore

When you buy software from this website, you buy it for 1 computer only. If you need the software for another computer, you need to buy it again.

Ban related questions

Can i get banned if i use software from this website?

No. The software from this website is secured to perfection. For the 2 years in which DiabloSoft existed, there were 0 people banned.

What makes the software undetected?

First of all, we deliver different files for each individual customer, even it it's the same program. All files are heavily encrypted and obfuscated. And on top of that, all programs work externally without touching the process.

Will your software be undetected even if it is not updated?

Yes! The software is fully external and programmed to be realiable for many many years. So you don't need to worry about detections or bans.