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Altair ULTRA

Here you can have fully undetected ESP program that you can use for farming, or in PVP. You can easily see whats behind any wall. All objects are scanned and displayed as soon as they are inside the memory. You will be able to track all Herbs and Mines, you will perfectly be able to see their locations before any of your competition does. Consider this program your third eye ;).

1. Tracks absolutely everything around your character!
2. Tracks the distance to the closest enemy.
3. Track specific objects related to your quests!
4. Tracking distance is much greater than the minimap, which makes this a perfect program for farming!
5 Configurable colors.

### CREDITS ###

Diablo - Programming
E***** - Providing the Herb/Mines cordinate offsets. Also for providing script for the object manager loop.
Sandstorm(Ownedcore) - For providing public link to all addr/offsets of the game structures

Reviews (5)

ONE - (0/5)

Good job for making it undetected, but this program is beyond useless my man XD

Posted - 17 January 2024 (180 days ago)
den**** - (5/5)

i cant start wow without this tool :D good job

Posted - 19 May 2023 (423 days ago)
tri*** - (3/5)

Well. Good for farming, useless for anything else. But at least i got what i was promised. Thanks for making this undetected.

Posted - 20 December 2022 (573 days ago)
juv***** - (0/5)

bueno no me banearon pero no tiene ningn uso serio... esto no es como un hack de oro o un hack de dao

Posted - 26 November 2022 (596 days ago)
Mar********* - (5/5)

a little bit laggy but i give you 5/5 i would say the program is extremely good for farming

Posted - 18 September 2022 (666 days ago)

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