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Dota 2 HP bars

This awesome tool for Dota 2 has auto-updating algorithm. We made it 1 year ago, and today it still works while we never updated it. Dota 2 is a game that gets updated too often, and we programmed this tool in a way in which it will never have to get updated again. There is only 1 bad thing. You are only able to see the HP of someone, if he is vissible. Dota 2 doesn't store any hero information in the client if the hero is inside the fog. Useful when you play Spectre, Zeus, Invoker or Dawnbreaker.

1. Hp bars with numbers for all heroes on the map.
2. Bar color changes depending on the amount of health.
3. Auto-Updating algorithm.

### CREDITS ###

Diablo - Programming
Mogget - For the advices regarding dumping the function data into your own allocated memory(Codecaves)
Techktonik - For giving me the idea

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