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Junk Code Generator

This is a program that auto-adds C# Junk code to all .cs files in the directory of your project. It also backups all of your files and you are able to restore everything. All of this is done with the push of a button. You can define the amount of junk before your program gets junkified. The program generates random variables, random functions, and random junk code inside your original functions. And on top of that, you are still able to use a separate obfuscator to obfuscate your already junk filled program. Consider this an extra layer of security.

1. Changes program signature.
2. Can be combined with obfuscator.
3. Volumetric junk amount.

### CREDITS ###

Diablo - Programming

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Dif******* - (5/5)

I got the source code guys :D ty mr. diablo

Posted - 3 April 2024 (103 days ago)

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