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Ultimap 256 (PQR Bot)

This is the most advanced memory reading PQR bot. PQR stands for priority queue rotation. You can completely automate raids, duels, bgs with the help of this bot. The obfuscation method that we use makes it undetectable completely. Unlike other PQR bots, this one doesn't require any booring LUA programming. It is also very useful if you are multiboxer. You can attach multiple instances of this program to multiple WoW windows. You will be able to solo raids this way. In the video the hunter was able to reach 7k dps without any buffs, all the damage was done by the bot while following the defined rotation using only 4 spells.

1. 100% Undetected. (Even Warmane)
2. 100% Memory reading based.
3. No lua scripting needed.
4. Can inject to multiple WoW instances.
5. Complete spell rotation with conditions/events.
6. Instant spell cast whenever the casting conditions are meet(x5 times faster than the human hand).
7. Very simple interface & Easy to use.
8. Custom internal spell database that you can access for adding/removing/editing spells.

### CREDITS ###

Diablo - Programming
E***** - For providing script for the object manager loop.
Sandstorm(Ownedcore) - For providing public link to all addr/offsets of the game structures.
php_god(Garena) - Beta testing.

Reviews (2)

loz***** - (5/5)

BIG BIG thanks to you for providing this software at such a cheap price. I got scammed in ownedcore for 70 EURO by some retards. And you gave this software for 15$ only with all that functionality

Posted - 9 March 2024 (128 days ago)
Hor****** - (3/5)

its too complex for me... i had to pay 10 extra euro so i can receive a working profile :/

Posted - 16 July 2023 (365 days ago)

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