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Warcraft III Dominator

This is the most powerful maphack that ever existed for Warcraft III. If you were a maphacker and you are now just looking for a new maphack, you will expect this maphack to be like the others, but no. Once you try it, there is no going back. And yeah, if you are streamer this is the maphack you wana use, it is invisible to streams.

1. Reveal enemy heroes.
2. Reveal illusions.
3. Reveal invisible.
4. Creeps pull notifier (tells you when to pull the creeps).
5. Invissible to streams (but requires window mode and it might be laggy).
6. Optimizer feature for slow computers.
7. Show where naix is hidding with his ultimate.
8. Display distance to the closest enemy.
9. Works on all platforms(RGC, Atinad ect..).
8. Multi Language support.
- English, Korean, Spanish, Persian, Russian.

### CREDITS ###

Diablo - Programming, Reverse Engineering, Graphic design
DracoL1ch - (For making his unit structure table public so others can use it)
Techktonik - Providing hero names enumerator

Reviews (13)

Jav******* - (3/5)

Me gusta el maphack, pero no me gusta el hecho de que funcione solo en una computadora.

Posted - 13 January 2024 (184 days ago)
jev**** - (4/5)

Hmm i think you should re-create the maphack with much more features because i can see you have a lot of potential. But good job.

Posted - 19 September 2023 (300 days ago)
sev******* - (5/5)

i give 10/5 if i could. 5 months no ban

Posted - 26 May 2023 (416 days ago)
UlT******* - (4/5)

maybe someone should remind the people here why the hack is paid? its not the best quality but it is safe to use

Posted - 10 April 2023 (462 days ago)
hol******* - (0/5)


Posted - 6 March 2023 (497 days ago)
Gol****** - (4/5)

No sé por qué no haces un maphack que muestre bien a los héroes, al menos este funciona.

Posted - 11 February 2023 (520 days ago)
che****** - (5/5)

I bought the maphack just to see if it works on Atinad - 2 months no ban. Its not the best maphack in the world but it is safe

Posted - 7 February 2023 (523 days ago)
zve**** - (5/5)

yes the reviews are saying the truth only the heroes are vissible but at least the maphack is safe!! i was using it for 4 months now and im not banned

Posted - 6 February 2023 (525 days ago)
The******** - (2/5)

You can see only heroes. OHH I MEAN only triangles that represent the position of the heroes nothing else

Posted - 14 January 2023 (548 days ago)
Ami***** - (0/5)

Por favor no compren esto, es muy grosero. No confíen en él.

Posted - 12 January 2023 (550 days ago)
gri******* - (0/5)


Posted - 31 December 2022 (562 days ago)
Cof********* - (3/5)

Es muy buena mi amiga pero queda mucho en mi computadora

Posted - 20 December 2022 (573 days ago)
TEF* - (0/5)

cant see the heroes only crappy triangles DONT BUY

Posted - 8 December 2022 (585 days ago)

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