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Multi language support
Scripting API
Creeps pull notifier
Allies vs Enemies
Display click to move

Warcraft III Dominator (BE)

Warcraft III Dominator Black Edition. This is the best fully external maphack that ever existed. Warcraft III existed for 20 years, and for all of that time this was the only maphack that offers scripting API. This maphack offers a lot more features than the previous maphack. This program was made using the original source of Warcraft III Dominator. About 70% of the original code was rewritten. The hack is more efficient than the previous one. Once again, it works on all platforms.

1. Reveal enemy heroes.
2. Reveal enemy units.
3. Reveal enemy Spells & CD.
4. Reveal illusions.
5. Reveal invisible.
6. Reveal where the enemy is clicking to move.
7. Sound Notifications:
- Runes respawn (SFX).
- Creeps respawn (SFX).
- Enemy respawn (SFX).
- Enemy is approaching (SFX).
- Barathrum charing at you (SFX).
8. Creeps pull notifier (tells you when to pull the creeps).
9. Invissible to streams (but requires window mode and it might be laggy).
10. Custom HP and mana bars.
11. Hp bars on the left side of the screen.
12. Display enemy gold.
13. Optimizer feature for slow computers.
14. Show where naix is hidding with his ultimate.
15. Display distance to the closest enemy.
16. Works on all platforms(RGC, Atinad ect..)
17. Scripting API (unstable).
18. Last hit indicator! This feature displays a line on top of the hp bar to show you when you can last hit the hero/creep.
19. Display how many hits are needed to kill the target(heroes only).
20. Display hero level on the left of the hp bar.
21. Multi Language support.
- English, Korean, Spanish, Persian, Russian.
22. Shows rune icons on the mini-map.

### CREDITS ###

Diablo - Programming, Reverse Engineering, Graphic design
DracoL1ch - (For making his unit structure table public so others can use it)
Techktonik - Providing hero names enumerator

Reviews (6)

jir****** - (5/5)

never seen such shit in my life :)) good job 5/5 guys

Posted - 7 May 2024 (69 days ago)
hol************ - (5/5)

dude you outdone yourself with this hack

Posted - 22 March 2024 (115 days ago)
Vam******** - (5/5)

There were different maphacks over the years, and i can safely say that this one is the best.

Posted - 27 November 2023 (231 days ago)
Tra******* - (5/5)

i would recommend this to all my friends 5/5

Posted - 24 October 2023 (265 days ago)
Cof********* - (5/5)

este maphack no tiene nada que ver con el anterior esta vez hiciste un muy, muy buen trabajo

Posted - 30 June 2023 (381 days ago)
blo******** - (5/5)

I take all my words back this maphack is something different

Posted - 26 May 2023 (416 days ago)

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