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You are not able to directly purchase this program. This program is complex. We need to make sure you understand what you are buying. Contact Dlablo on Discord diablo___13

WoW Packet Manipulator

When you buy this program, you get it's source code. So you are able to modify or distribute this program as much as you want.

With the help of a packet manipulator like this, you are able to skip all client-sided game checks, and sent data straight to the server in which you play. Since your client skips checking the data, the questions is how the server is gonna handle the data? Will it crash? Will you find exploits? It's up to you. We used to crash Warmane with this program once. This program's main purpose is to dig for server-sided holes. It has option to cast all spells by ID in under 2 minutes only. So if a private server has some spell that you should not be able to cast, you will eventually cast it.

1. Record all sent packets by WoW (3.3.5).
2. All packets and decrypted.
3. Cast spell by ID.
4. Send multiple packets at once.
5. Perform packet rotation with non stop circulation.
6. Spell digger.

### CREDITS ###

Diablo - Programming
Sandstorm(Ownedcore) - For providing public link to all addr/offsets of the game structures
Mogget - For the advices regarding dumping the function data into your own allocated memory(Codecaves)

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