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WPE PRO 64 bit

When you buy this program, you get it's source code. So you are able to modify or distribute this program as much as you want.

WPE PRO is a TCP connection packet manipulation program. This is the diablosoft edition of WPE PRO and there are few differences between our version and the original version. The original version of this program was injecting DLL into the targeted application. This way it hooks the networking functions (send,recv) in order to capture and manipulate the network traffic. The only problem with this method is that it is widely detectable by every anti-cheat.

Our version of WPE PRO works in a different way. Instead injecting DLL into a targeted application, it places itself as a man in the middle between a TCP connection. So the targeted application doesn't directly connect to it's server, instead it connects to WPE PRO, and then WPE PRO connects to the original server. So all the network traffic (send,recv) is going through WPE PRO.

When WPE PRO is in the middle of the traffic, you have much more control over the network traffic. You can pause the traffic and inspect the packets manually with the Traffic Debugger feature. You can also drop packets of your choice. And you can also pause/resume the network traffic (you can also do that with a hotkey). This version of WPE PRO doesn't target process. It targets IP:PORT insted.

1. Fully external.
2. 32 bit support.
3. 64 bit support.
4. Filter Packets.
5. Send/Recv Packets.
6. Record Send/Recv Packets.
7. Built-in tools that help you with your work.
8. Pause/Resume traffic(Lagswitch).
9. Send/Recv packet via hotkey.
10. Set opcodes for specific packets.
11. Packet rotator.
12. Manually connect to server(IP:PORT) and send custom packets.
13. Traffic Debugger.
14. Latency emulator.

### CREDITS ###

Diablo - Programming

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